For the past eleven years, I have entrusted my lawn maintenance to Barr Landscaping, and never once in that time have I been disappointed. My yard has presented some challenges and obstacles at times, but for consistent dependability, I can't imagine how anyone could hope for better performance than I have enjoyed since engaging Barr Landscaping in 2008. I recommend them without reservation.

Nick A

We have been clients of Barr Landscaping for more than 7 years. We are very satisfied with Tyler's services, e.g. with mowing, leaf blowing, mulching of flowerbeds, and erosion management. We have gladly recommended Barr Landscaping to neighbors and friends.

Gary and Iris H

We have used Barr Landscaping for 7 years and would not consider any other team to keep our yard and grounds looking beautiful. Their hardworking and knowledgeable crew not only makes sure our regular maintenance is performed, they also are available to do addition work, such as tree trimming and spraying, gardening, and landscape cut-outs. Simply put, Barr is the Best.

David W

We have had Barr Landscaping for several years and they prove to be an outstanding company. They do a thorough and competent job, are very dependable and ready to do extra work.

Ken M

As a customer of Barr Landscaping for over a year, I would like to say that they are dependable, competitive on their prices for lawn service, very knowledgeable when it comes to plans and shrubs to plant, as well as trees. I have used other lawn services and got rid of them, you couldn't depend on them. I would recommend Barr Landscaping and yard services to anyone. Their service is excellent.

A very satisfied customer.